Please read through the following policies Go Dive Pacific have in place for technical divers, by signing our Customer Information Form you acknowledge you have read and will work within these safety policies.Due to the remote location, dynamic dive environment and temperate water conditions, Go Dive have applied the following polices and restrictions based on years of experience. They have been applied for your own safety and enjoyment. QUALIFICATIONS:•Divers must dive within the limits of their qualification and experience.•No solo diving is allowed unless appropriately trained and equipment requirements for solo diving are met.DIVE PLANNING:•Dives need to be planned well in advance of each dive and approved by Go Dive staff. Each team needs to check with other teams on the location of the wreck they plan to dive.DIVE EXPOSURES:•If three dives per day are planned all must be no decompression dives, with at least 1-hour surface interval between each dive.•If more than 10minutes of decompression is required on the first dive of the day, then a three-hour surface interval will apply between the first and second dive.•A three-hour surface interval is required prior to any travel by road from the lodge after no decompression dives.•A 12-hr no travel restriction applies if decompression dives are undertaken on the last day of your trip.GUIDING:•Go Dive will supply a guide for the first two dives of each trip•If you or your team require a guide beyond the first day, we will only act in a guiding capacity within the recreational diving zone.•For dives beyond the recreational zone we may take the role of team leader but not act in a guiding role. These dives need to be planned as a team the day prior.

GAS MIXING:•Nitrox and decompression gases are available but needs to be pre-ordered at least 2weeksprior to your trip.•It is up to each individual diver to discuss with Go Dive staff after each dive what their gas requirements are for the next dive. Failure to do so will result in cylinders being filled with air.PRE-TRIP PLANNING: We highly recommend that you discuss your expectations and proposed plans with us well in advance of your arrival. We aren’t mind readers and can only offer you a quality experience if we know in advance what yours or your teams’ expectations are beyond recreational no-overhead diving.