Your underwater adventure starts here, with Go Dive Pacific. You‘ll learn real skills for real diving on the inshore  reefs and wrecks of the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. On completion of this course you will hold an internationally recognized qualification which will allow you to dive to a depth of up to 18metres, all while under the guidance of our very experienced SSI Instructors and Divemasters. You will also become an automatic member of our Dive Club, which will give you very affordable diving beyond training. Learning to dive should be fun and that is exactly what you will have when learning to dive with Go Dive Pacific. Day one starts off in the pool learning the necessary skill sets to be a confident open-water diver, then four dives over two or more days of diving in the ocean, both off the beach and our dive boats. Our instructors are trained professionals who embrace internet based or digital learning technology, this allows us more time to help you master the skills required to become a confident, safe diver capable of diving in most environments. To help you achieve this goal, we promote the use of SSI elearning, this will reduce the amount of classroom time and improves your understanding of diving knowledge. For those who don’t have online access or time to study online, we can provide independent learning materials as an alternative.

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Who can take this course?

Virtually anyone in good health and an appetite for adventure and excitement can dive. Participants as young as ten may take the course, but other than that there are few restrictions. A medical statement declaring you fit to dive is required prior to in water activities.


What else is involved?

As long as you complete the independent study requirements prior to your first in-water session, the open-water course can be completed in 3 days – with an extra day to complete the optional adventure dives if you choose the O/W Plus option. However the course is performance based not time based, so you get as much time as you need to practice and master new skills prior to certification. Go Dive Pacific offers the optional O/W plus. This includes one day in Picton learning skills in a heated pool and three days, three nights at our exclusive Dive Lodge in Port Gore where you will complete 4 open water dives off our dive boat and have the added option of two extra adventure dives on the Mikhail Lermontov wreck or local reefs. Meals and accommodation are inclusive in the package. Non diving family and friends are very welcome at the Lodge. This option not only teaches you to dive, but gives you access to a part of New Zealand most just don’t get the opportunity to visit due to its remote location and private access. On successful completion of  your open-water course you will become a member of the Go Dive Club, being a member gives you up to 50% off any locally based  trips run by Go Dive Pacific and free Scuba rental for the first year of membership on all Go Dive club dives.

Two nights at port gore

Learn to Dive Bundle Info


SSI Open-Water
$895 or 695 with two or more people
  • 3 Days
  • Digital training materials
  • Equipment rental
  • 2 Boat Dives
  • 2 Shore Dives




SSI Open-Water Plus
  • 4 Days
  • Includes 3 nights accommodation with meals at our Port Gore Lodge
  • Digital training materials
  • Equipment rental
  • 6 Dives, with two  on the Mikhail Lermontov Wreck




SSI Open-Water & Advanced O/W
  • 5 days in Picton
  • Digital training materials
  • Equipment rental
  • 5 Advanced Adventure Dives
  • 4 Open Water Dives