Xtended Range

New Zealand offers a huge range of diverse dive sites, but due to the lands geography and rugged coastlines many of these sites are hard to reach and seldom dived.

Xtended Range Dive Sites

Outer Sounds: Based from our Dive Lodge in Port Gore and using XR our specially designed dive boat, we will dive the wrecks of the Lastingham a 221-foot steel sailing ship sunk in 1884 and the Rangitoto a 209-foot steam ship sunk in 1873, both wrecks are in 10 to 18 meters of water and teaming with fish life. We will also visit the outer islands and reefs of Titi, Chetwodes as well as the long Island marine reserve.

Fiordland: A special place carved out by glaciers over the millennium, dive sheer granite walls dropping to over 100 meters below the surface and rising another 200 meters above the surface, red and black corals are just a few of the unique species you will see while diving in Fiordland.

White Island: An active volcano off the east coast of the north island. Dive into lava tubes and warm underwater fissures, for the fish enthusiasts this site is your heaven on earth due to the abundance of reef life created by the unique environment.

RENA Wreck: In 2011 for some unknow reason the RENA a 236 metre container ship sailed into the Astrolabe Reef during perfect weather. Almost immediately it broke its back and sunk creating an oil slick and environmental hazard for months to come. Much of the bow of the ship has been salvaged but the stern which includes the crew’s quarters, engine room and machinery are still intact. Due to a depth ranging from 24 to 60 metres this is a dive recommended for technical divers.

Expeditions: A few times a year we arrange for a small group of experienced divers to visit a new or remote dive site. It could be a deep wreck, offshore Islands or reef. If you think your up for expedition diving contact us for more information.

Xtended Range Tours are scheduled throughout the year. Contact Go Dive Pacific for more information on upcoming tours.

When Dive or Course
10/04/2020 - 13/04/2020
Easter Weekend Lermontov Trip