Tour Information and Prices



(All prices in New Zealand dollars and valid until end of April 2020)

Please first note that there is no internet or cellular coverage in Port Gore, where the closest 3/4G coverage being 15 minutes up the road.

Reporting Time in Picton: 4.00pm or by arrangement

  • For those traveling from Nelson, we can arrange to meet you at Linkwater, this will save you 30 minutes travel time each way. Supply own transport.
  • Or those not following us into Port Gore, directions and a map will be emailed on request- see photo gallery for travel map.

Transport: Return transport ex Picton can be arranged if you do not have your own vehicle. Please let us know if you need transport at time of booking.

Return to Picton: Approximately 6.00pm the following day
Frequency: Scheduled multi-day tours all year with group charters on request.
24 Hour Tours: Scheduled 24 hr tours depart most days from October to April and include accommodation and meals. Tours on demand May to September

Day Trips: Day trips can be arranged on request, however for a better overall experience the overnight option is recommended.

Reservations: We recommend you book well in advance, trips depart on a regular basis throughout each week of the summer period, Go Dive limits the amount of diving guests on each 24hr trip to 8. A 30% deposit will secure your reservation with full payment required prior to the trip.
Minimum Experience Rating: Open-water with cold water environmental orientation dive. Advanced certification required for limited penetration dives.
Tour Includes: Accommodation with bedding and towel, meals,  guided diving, cylinders, air and weight belts. Rental equipment if required extra
Number of dives: Two dives per day, with a third optional during summer months on multi day trips. First two dives guided.
What to bring: Log book, proof of certification, warm clothes, hat, sunscreen.

Dietary requirements: If you have any dietary requirements please notify us at time of booking. Extra charge may apply.

Maximum divers per guide: 4

Recommendations/requirements: If you are not used to diving in a 7mm wetsuit, dry suit, or  temperate waters, we ask that you do an equipment and temperate water orientation dive before diving the Lermontov. This can be done prior to the trip in Picton or the first dive of the trip in Port Gore.

Options: Nitrox, manifolded 300bar/DIN twin 12litre steel cylinders, Dive Rite Side-mount systems, personal dive guide, Scuba Discovery Dives and Snorkeling for non-divers. Full kit rental if you do not have your own. Please notify us of your requirements when booking.

New or Warm Water Divers

For newly trained or warm water divers, the Lermontov can be quite a challenge. So for your own safety and to avoid interrupting the experience of other divers in the group, we request you undertake a shallow orientation dive prior to diving the wreck. This can be completed prior to the trip in Picton or on the morning of the first day in the sheltered bay below the lodge in Port Gore.

Tech Diving

Technical diving support is available on request with Nitrox, O2 and 3l Dil and O2 cylinders for rebreathers, 12litre twins, 6 litre slings and Sidemount systems available if prearranged. Go Dive staff are all Decompression Procedures and Advanced Wreck trained and are happy to guide those with suitable qualifications on some of the more challenging dives after an assessment dive. Surface supplied 100% O2 deployed at 5 metres on all technical dives as emergency decompression gas. No technical diving on 24 hour trips.

An Important Safety Message

Go Dives main goal, other than to deliver to you an exciting adventure, is to maintain our 100% safety record. The Lermontov is a fantastic wreck, but is unforgiving for those who are unprepared or dive beyond their personal limitations. There are many interesting dives across the wreck and within Port Gore that suit the less experienced diver, and of course more challenging dives to suit the more experienced diver. Your first dive on the wreck will be a familiarization dive on the outside of the wreck. Prior to subsequent dives we will discuss with you what areas of the wreck are of interest to you and attempt to meet your expectations. However the final decision on what area of the wreck we visit will be up to Go Dive.

Fit to Dive “Drugs and Alcohol Policy”

Go Dive maintains a policy that prevents anyone from entering the water that shows signs of the effects of drugs or alcohol and that we deem “not fit to dive” for any other reason, including physical or psychological reasons.

There is no cell phone coverage in Port Gore, all communications is by VHF radio to our base set back in Picton and Marlborough Maritime Radio.

Extra Stuff

Dive equipment including computers available to hire
Nitrox, twin cylinders, Sidemount harnessess, slings rebreather dil/02 cylinders available as required, but need to be reserved prior to your trip.
Group charters dates and rates available on request
Non-divers and families welcome
Scuba Discovery Dives for non-divers, SDI, PADI Advanced Open-water, Nitrox,Deep, Sidemount and Wreck Specialties on request.

Group Charters

For group charters departure time from Picton can be co-ordinated with your arrival on the ferry or aircraft. If you arrive after 6.30pm, you will stay in Picton that night and leave for the Dive Lodge in Port Gore 6.30am the next morning. Charter flights direct into Port Gore by arrangement. Please be sure to check what is included in the group charter rate.


24 Hour Guided Mikhail Lermontov Wreck Dive Tour

  • includes 2 guided dives, 1 nights accommodation at the lodge, all meals weight belt and cylinder rental.
  • With rental equipment supplies +$40
  • Optional 3rd unguided dive +$80
  • Optional 3rd guided dive +$125
  • Non Diver $155
  • Child under 15y.o (non diving) $95
  • Child 10 years and under $35
  • Return transport to Port Gore +$25
  • Day Trip: 2 guided dives and lunch $275.00

2 Day Mikhail Lermontov Wreck Dive Tour

  • up to 5 dives, accommodation at the lodge, all meals weight belt and cylinder rental.
  • With rental equipment supplies +$60
  • Non Diver $295
  • Child 10 years and under $55 per day

3 Day Mikhail Lermontov Wreck Dive Tour

  • up to 8 dives, accommodation at the lodge, all meals weight belt and cylinder rental.
  • With rental equipment supplies +$75
  • Non Diver $445
  • Child 10 years and under $55 per day

4 Day Mikhail Lermontov Wreck Dive Tour

  • up to 11 dives, accommodation at the lodge, all meals weight belt and cylinder rental.
  • With rental equipment +$100
  • Non Diver $650
  • Child 10 years and under $55 per day

  • All children must be accompanied by a parent or care giver at all times

Accessories rental per day

  • Dive rite Nomad XT sidemount Harness, Regs, Cylinders and rigging : Tour guest only $50
  • Enriched air Nitrox 32% $15 per dive (single tank)
  • Rebreather Sorb $18/KG
  • Rebreather Cylinders $20/day/pair
  • Twin 12L Cylinders/300b DIN: Tour guests only $20
  • Wing & harness: Tour Guests only $20
  • Dive Lights including batteries $15

Boat Charters. Max. 6 pax

  • Flights
  • Wellington to Port Gore with Pelorus Air. including pick up at Port Gore airstrp $175
  • Picton to Port Gore with Pelorus Air. including pick up at Port Gore airstrp $120
  • Strict weight limit for all flights