Please note, the access road to the Lodge is closed for repair due to recent flood damage. We will be accessing the Lodge from Picton, via water taxi to Punga Cove Resort and then by vehicle to the lodge. An extra charge may apply to cover some of the water taxi fees.

The Lermontov Lodge is tucked away in a sheltered cove in Port Gore, it is a modern facility built in 2001; it has endless hot water, 230 volt power supplied by Solar panels, inverter and generator, laundry facilities, 3 bedrooms, large lounge with DVD player and TV. Bedroom layout is 1 bedroom with 4 beds, 1 bedroom with 6 beds, 1 double bedroom and 1 twin in the lounge. But for your comfort we only sleep 5 guests. Layout allows for privacy and the lodge is a less expensive and more comfortable option to live-a-board tours. If you would like to reserve the double bedroom or have any special dietary requirements, please let us know when confirming your booking. All bedding is supplied along with bath towel.

Communication in Port Gore

Port Gore is remote, there is no cell or internet coverage with the closest 3G coverage being 15 minutes from the Lodge. All communication is via VHF radio Channel 66 back to our base in Picton. Call signs XR and Go Dive base. On longer multi-day trips we will arrange to take those who need to communicate with the outside world to an area that has 3G coverage.