Become the ultimate diver.

Scuba diving is an exciting, dynamic recreation that supports a growing worldwide industry with many professional opportunities. Owning and operating a Dive Centre or Resort, working full time on a live aboard dive boat or teaching in an inland or resort environment are just a few possibilities.

Most divers begin their full or part time career in diving as a SSI/SDI or PADI Divemaster or dive guide. As a certified Divemaster, you may supervise and assist with both training and non training dive activities. Dive facilities and Resorts employ Divemasters to help with diver level training as well as lead guided dives. You may also conduct the confined water sessions on  Scuba Discovery Dives,  Discover Local Diving experience and Scuba Review programmes; you can also become an EFR or CPROX adminstrator after additional training. Non divers may also enjoy a visit to the underwater world under your supervision during the Discover Snorkelling experience and the Skin Diver course.


Frequently asked questions....

What’s involved?

During the Divemaster programme, your level of diving knowledge will be brought up to Instructor level standards. You will learn how to conduct and supervise both recreational and training dives by building on and applying the skills you learnt during your Rescue course. You will also polish your diving skills to demonstration quality through confined water sessions. To achieve this you will review and discuss the following topics:
The Role and Characteristics of the Divemaster/Diveguide
Supervising General Diving Activities for Certified Divers
Assisting with Student Divers in Training
Dive Theory
Decompression Theory and Computer use
Divemaster Conducted Programmes
Risk Management
The Business of Diving
Your Diving Career

Getting started

Like all Go Dives dive courses, flexibility is the key, and the Divemaster course is no exception. Go Dive Pacific offer two options in the way you choose to do this programme. The first and by the far most effective option is internship training. This is where you study independently of your instructor, using the reference materials supplied, you will have theory review sessions where your instructor will discuss and review your progress. Practical experience in supervising recreational dive operations and training is gained by joining in on our dive tours and diver level training courses. Scheduled courses of 10 days duration is the second option, this option includes classroom presentations and review sessions, plus practical experience in dive supervision and conducting experience courses.


Go Dive Pacific will provide you with all the required materials to help you succeed.


To enter the Dive master programmes, you need the be a Rescue Diver or equivalent, have logged 40 dives (60 dives with at least 30 covering a wide range of environmental factors required for certification), be 18 years of age or older on commencement of the programme. To enter the SDI Divemaster programme you need all of the above plus hold the SDI Advanced Diver qualification or PADI Rescue with 4 specialty ratings, including verifiable experience in deep, navigation, night and limited visibility specialties.  Also you need a sufficient level of fitness to complete the stamina and water skills exercises, and provide a medical evaluation form completed by a physician within the last 12 months. If you do not have the pre-requisite training, we are happy to customize a total training package to suit. Dual agency qualifications can be achieved within the one training package.

Your Investment in becoming a Diving Professional.

The step from being a recreational diver to becoming a professional diver is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. As a dive leader you will be a team player and role model, you will be responsible for the adventures and safety of other divers. Your investment is the commitment you show and time that you put into your development through the Divemaster programme with Go Dive Pacific, an investment that will pay of with major rewards and a start to a rewarding career.

Please look below to see the different packages that Go Dive Pacific offers it's customers.

PADI Divemaster Development internship: 8 weeks, includes eLearning access code, training materials & 1 years PADI membership & up to 40 dives, including Lermontov dives.


SSI/SDI Divemaster Development internship: 8 weeks, includes eLearning access code, training materials & 1 years membership & up to 40 dives, including Lermontov. Plus 4 specialty ratings


Divemaster/Rescue Plus Development: Internship includes eLearning access code, training materials & 1 years membership & up to 40 dives, including Lermontov dive trips.


Price includes wetsuit and rental kit only