About Us

Go Dive Pacific’s owner Brent McFadden has operated in and around the Marlborough and Pacific Island region for over 33 years. Over that time he has explored and chartered many new dive sites and become the regions “go to” operator for both tours and training.

Having been involved in mass tourism (cattle truck tourism he calls it) for 13 years while operating a Marine Mammal operation in famous Kaikoura, Brent decided on an alternate business model which  catered for small groups and allowed more personalized interaction with guests.  With a ratio of only 4 guests to a guide or instructor and tours and courses scheduled on objectives rather than on a time bases Go Dive has successfully achieved its goal.

The company is always looking for new ways to improve, in 2017 the company was split off into two entities, Go Dive Pacific and Go Dive Marlborough. The reason for this split was due to the rapid expansion of the business which was threatening its ability to maintain its high standards. Standards that could only be maintained if staff had a vested interest in the companies operation and a passion for diving.

After two years of searching for the right partners, Shaun Wyvill and his wife Monika  took over the Picton operations and services, this move has vastly improve the ability for the companies to manage operations in a more proactive manner and has increased their  foot print on the water by the introduction of a new boat for the Lermontov trips and a larger vessel in Picton for the Inner Sounds tours. Not necessarily to increase numbers per trip, but to provide more comfort for our guests. The Port Gore vessel being the only dive boat in New Zealand to have a diver lift.